| Following Piece (1969)
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Following Piece (1969)

Following Piece (1969)

Street Works IV
sponsored by the Architectural League of New York
October 3-25, 1969
New york City, various locations
23 days, varying times each day




Each day I pick out, at random, a person walking in the street.


I follow a different person everyday; I keep following until that person enters a private place (home, office, etc.) where I can’t get in.


(The terms of the exhibition, “Street Works IV”, were: to do a piece. sometime during the month, that used a street in New York and all the space available: I might be following people, all day long, everyday, through all the streets in New York City. In actuality, following episodes ranged from two o three minutes —when someone got into a car and I couldn’t grab a taxi, I couldn’t follow— to seven or eight hours —when a person went to a restaurant, a movie…)


Vito Acconci